About us

About us

Why not come and try us and see if Westside Singers is right for you?

We believe variety is the spice of life and makes for an enjoyable and rewarding programme for singers and our all-important audience.

Taking your first step into choral singing can be daunting. You’ll receive the warmest of welcomes at Westside. This could be a life changing decision!

We are singers with a range of experience who enjoy singing and wish to sing with increasing confidence, knowledge and skill.

Very important to us is the wide range of repertoire we sing. Music of many types, genres and styles: musicals, folk, pop, rock, classical and world music, to name just a sample.

More about our repertoire on Our Music page.


We rehearse at Broomhill Methodist Church

Broomhill Methodist Church on Fulwood Road

Please use the back entrance on Ashgate Road.

Broomhill Methodist Church, back entrance on Ashgate Road

Where and when?
We meet every Wednesday evening for 2 hours, starting at 19:30 prompt, at the Broomhill Methodist Church. Our rehearsals follow the dates for school terms in Sheffield.

We use the meeting room at the back (the Ashgate Room), so enter by the back entrance from the car park on Ashgate Road, Sheffield S10 3BZ. If the door is locked, use the intercom to call the Ashgate Room.

What will it cost?
The standard cost is £5 per week, payable in advance for each half-term. Your first session is free of charge.
Family groups attract a reduced rate. For those unable to commit to regular attendance, a pay-as-you-sing option is available at a small premium, payable on the night.

Contact information
Please contact Martin, our Musical Director, by email at: musicaldirector@westsidesingers.org.uk leaving your telephone number for him to make contact with you.

Other things you should know about Westside Singers

Raising money for local charities


It is really important to us that our choir is genuinely accessible for all – a truly and fully diverse choir would be wonderful, so please know that we will do our very best to enable and to welcome all to participate.

  • Our rehearsal space and our usual concert space are accessible for people with disabilities. Please note that it is fine for you to remain seated in rehearsal or concert.

  • All genders are welcome, just let us know which pronoun you use. It is the conductor’s custom to refer to voices by their name (soprano, tenor etc) or use the terms ‘high’ or ‘low’ voices. Our concert dress code is non-gendered. 

Concessions for young people

Are you ‘Young’? – The future belongs to you!
If there are to be choirs in the future we need young people to get involved now! To this end we have a policy of encouraging those under 30 to join and to discover the joys of singing together. 

  • We offer any new singers under the age of 30, a reduced membership fee of half the full rate.

  • We are also offering FREE membership to those under 21.
    Would you or anyone you know be interested in taking this offer up?

What do our members say about Westside Singers?

“Westside was my first ever venture into singing in public; why did I wait so long!? Martin has bags of energy and enthusiasm for everything the choir does. He steers the sometimes unwieldy ship to perform well in the concerts, which are very enjoyable and memorable experiences. He has even helped me write an arrangement for the choir and to prepare for other performances outside of the choir too!”  Chris

“One minute we are singing Mozart and the next it’s an Adele song or a song from a musical or even a Maori song from New Zealand. The mix is wonderful. I just love singing and having such fun whilst doing so.”  Kevin

“I am in the choir because I can guarantee that, for a couple of hours each week, I can switch off everything else except the singing and know that I will have fun!”  Sue

“Since joining the choir as a complete novice (never sung, never learnt to play any instrument or read music!) less than two years ago, it has been a such a  pleasure to sing together – exhilarating, and exciting even, when we get it right! …it’s a friendly and encouraging environment and a fun journey!”  Doreen

“In the two-hour rehearsals, and in concerts, I think of nothing but music! “Pack up all my cares and woes”, “Forget your troubles and just get happy”.  A great
”  Michael

“I joined Westside Singers recently and felt welcomed and I enjoyed rehearsals and the concert in July plus performing in the Central library gig”  Julia

“It’s great to be a member of WS. Martin’s leadership is excellent & we have happy, relaxed rehearsals which are always musically precise.”  Rosie

“Started in April 2023 from a choir I had been in for 43 years, but I have found the WS very good, friendly and really enjoy it. Pleased I found it”  Margaret

“I love being able to ‘give it my all’ when we all sing together”  Hilary

“It’s friendly. It’s fun. It’s very sociable and I’ve learned lots of musical general knowledge & new songs”  Fiona

“A great choir, even for those with little understanding of music like me. No criticism – everyone is very understanding”  Alan

“I love this fun inclusive choir, as it not only lifts my mood but has introduced me to so many new pieces of music!”  Helen